I met Patsy Crockett several years ago when she was a state representative running for re-election. She came to my door seeking my vote and we talked about a number of issues important to me. I liked her then as a public official, and over the years we’ve become good friends. Even after she left the Legislature we’ve stayed in touch. I feel I know her pretty well, and trust her judgment.

I’m pleased that she’s been appointed to fill the county commissioner position left vacant when Beverly Daggett passed away last year, but she has to run in the June 14 Democratic primary in order to continue as our commissioner. She has two opponents in that primary. I’ll be voting for Patsy Crockett, and I hope other Democrats in the communities of Augusta, Chelsea, China, Manchester, Sidney, Vassalboro and Windsor will vote for Patsy Crockett too.

Jane Wells


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