After six years of anti-Hillary Clinton propaganda on Fox News, hate-talk radio and the social media, Clinton is still a formidable candidate for president.

Why such anger towards her, and why is she still so capable?

Could it be because she has fought for women’s and children’s rights, health and safety all of her adult life?

Could it be because she was one of the most prepared and respected senators by senators from both sides of the aisle?

Could it be because she has always fought for a fair playing field for all Americans, equal pay, family and parental leave, the disabled, members of the LGBT community and civil rights?

Could it be because she a staunch environmental fighter, knowing all too well that global warming is real and a threat to life as humans now know it?

Could it be because she is one of the most experienced persons who has run for president in my 75-plus years?

Could it be because she is a woman?

Is she perfect? No, no one is. But she is the person who can “get things done” and has the experience and knowledge to negotiate with various countries, personalities and complex issues that face the United States.

I enthusiastically support her, and will campaign for her.

Ruth E. Wagner


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