I wonder what our next president will do. Will he or she even be able to keep campaign promises with the divisions in our government? It seems so little has been effectively accomplished in many years now, because the really important items up for vote are contaminated with unnecessary drivel.

The spirit of one nation under God has been undermined by greed and smothered by coverup. The mighty dollar is well directed by most of the rich — toward themselves. We’ve got people eager to work for a living, but have been displaced by computers. Computers are great, but people need food.

One nation under God means we look beyond our pocketbooks and truly see what our people need. The old Biblical saying, “It is better to give than to receive” fits well here. The earth has been turned into an overheated smog-pit and is slowly turning into a contaminated dump. One nation under God will pray for the cure of a dying earth and God almighty will fix it. There are no true divisions in those that follow Gods plan to “Love thy neighbor as thyself.”

The earth can easily supply the needs of all the people, but again greed forces some to starve. The earth will soon become overpopulated and if we continue, we’ll be like rats in a box; we’ll devour each other.

God’s grace has kept us so far. A good example is nuclear power. If it wasn’t for God’s grace we would have blown ourselves to bits over 75 years ago. So what do we decide, do we follow God’s plan of love and peace, or do we continue to wade around in the devil’s cesspool?

Norman B. Perkins


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