I read an opinion in May 31 edition claiming that the support of this “universal” background check on gun purchases is a vote for “safety” (“Finding common ground on discussion of firearm background checks”). Nothing could be further from the truth, in reality, as gangsters and violent thugs rarely get their guns via legal channels.

The only thing this law will do is help turn many law-abiding gun owners into possible criminals, as well as the fact that this is merely a back-door attempt at starting a gun registry, which is unconstitutional in the eyes of many millions of Americans.

Second, it will, over time, actually help push even more guns (especially older guns), onto the underground, black market, where both good citizens and criminals can still obtain them.

Gun violence in Maine is actually quite rare, as Mainers are for the most part very peaceful people. Let’s not make laws tougher and dumber than they need to be. Vote no against this Michael Bloomberg-sponsored, anti-rights trash that will do nothing at all to keep any of us any safer.

James Andrews


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