When will the Republican Party leaders really denounce Trump? Is it a disgrace that Trump attacked Muslims, Mexicans and women?

Elizabeth Warren is called Pocahontas by Trump. Actually that is a compliment for all of us with some Native American genes.

When did the Republican Party denounce the Obama “birther” claims? Where were the voices in oppostion to those who were obviously racist toward the president?

I come from a extended family that represents many ethnic backgrounds: English, French, American Indian, Greek, German, Scandiavian, Japanese, Mexican, and many others. And, yes, I am a woman too. My friends through the years have been as diverse as my backround. How can I accept those in our society who play the racist game? Can you support a racist president or a political party who supports him?

Is the Republican Party proud of supporting Trump and LePage, who are continually mocking those who are not like them? I think LePage and Trump are handicapped with their bombastic and cruel personalities.

LePage joked about the foreign workers with accents. Was this behavior racist or ignorance?

Trump mocked a handicapped reporter. My oldest son wore a leg brace when he was very young. What would Trump say about him and others like him?

Please think about who you vote for — what do you stand for?

Marilyn Karasopoulos


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