WATERVILLE — Mid-Maine Technical Center has announced its fourth-quarter honor roll for the 2015-16 academic year.

Students from Lawrence, Messalonskee, Waterville Senior, Winslow high schools and Temple Academy attend MMTC.

Automotive Collision Repair – high honors: Connor Martin and Owen Weigang, both of LHS; and William Rollins and Natasha Warren, both of MHS.

Honors: Brockton Dostie, Katie Greenleaf, Riley Parlin and Mitchell Rolfe, all of LHS; Trevor Carlow, Jacob Edman, Jeffrey Frasca, Eric FrithHubbard and Nickolas Moody, all of MHS; Jonathan Nelson, of WSHS; and Wyatt Dutton and Cameron LaChance, both of WHS.

Automotive Technology — high honors: Kyle Robinson and Nicholas Smith, both of LHS; Jared Thorne, of MHS; and Hannah Whitaker, of WHS.

Honors: Trevor McClure, Nicholas Poulin and Trenton Rhodes, all of LHS; Cameron Bickford and Harley Sherman, both of MHS; Nathaniel Morgan and Ryley O’Connell, both of WSHS; and Bailey Davis and Tyler Pooler, all of WHS.


Culinary Arts — high honors: Mariah Bernard, of MHS; Devon Begin and Kathleen Bertone, both of WSHS; and Carter Bradford and Desiree Koenig, both of WHS.

Honors: Alena Thomas, of MHS; Taylor Allen, Shelby Ames, Brandon Choate, Brandon Dumais, Keaton Lahneman, Luc Roy, Chantelle Thomas and Austin Witham, all of WSHS; and Harley Fitch, of WHS.

Criminal Justice — high honors: Savannah Dustin and Joshua Marin, both of LHS; Alexander Routhier and Keith Ward, both of MHS; Johnathan Sellar, of WSHS; and Alison Bouchard, Mitchell Hewes and Colby Ryder, all of WHS.

Honors: Terrance Coley, Christopher Fillyaw and Chantal Smith, all of LHS; Benjamin King, of MHS; Gawain Cain, Gavin LaChance and Collin Ward, all of WSHS; and Jacob Clark and Spencer Stevens, both of WHS.

Construction Technology — high honors: Benjamin Curtis, Adam Fernald and Aleksander Fortier, all of LHS; Logan Poissonnier and Tyler Warren, both of MHS; Justin Richard, of TA Ethan Madore, of WSHS; and Alecxander Clark, Hillary Libby and Tyler Wilde, all of WHS;.

Honors: Jordan Gurney and Byron Sears, both of MHS; and Raquekwon Jones, of WSHS.


CTE Academy — honors: Colin Kinney of MHS; and Braden Noonan and Rebecca Oakes, both of WSHS.

Early Childhood Education — high honors: Callie Cunningham and McKenna Rogers, both of LHS; and Courtney Gendreau and Jocelyn Gromek, both of WSHS.

Honors: Lauren Lambert, Olivia Parker, Morgan Rowe and Brittany Shores, all of LHS; Morgan LaFreniere, of MHS; and Demika Stowe, of WSHS.

Electrical Technology — high honors: Kyle Anderson, Tatonka Champagne, Evan Fisher, Brody McKenzie and Randall Richards, all of LHS; Alex Hughes, of MHS; and Noah Perry, of WSHS.

Honors: Benjamin Bard, Joshua Casey, Shelby McFadden and Aaron Young, all of MHS.

Emergency Services — honors: Shelby Christianson, of MHS; and Emily Tozier, of LHS.


Information Technology — high honors: Barnabous Ashford and Christopher Audet, both of LHS; Branden Belanger and Michael Viens, both of MHS; Matrim Glazier, David Maguire, Sophie Payne, Aurora Turmelle and Connor Young, all of WSHS; and Cody Green and Kurt Hamar, both of WHS.

Honors: Megan Cousins and Jordan Dumont, both of LHS; Hunter Cormier and Darien Frasier, both of MHS; and Cooper Boardman, Colby Brusoe and Rose Vought, all of WSHS.

Medical Careers — high honors: Avery Brennan, India Languet, Kimberly Sherman and Emily Steinmeyer, MHS; Alyssa Gudaitis and Hannah Rumery, both of WSHS; and Koramae Denis, Dillon Mattingly, Samantha Pomerleau and Mykenzie Veilleux, all of WHS.

Honors: Jordyn Bona Davis, Hunter Chesley, Shanelle Garceau and Nicole LaBelle, all of LHS; Elizabeth Newman and Tyler Sanborn, both of MHS; Amanda Corey, Kiley Grandmaison, Breona Henderson, Kayla Morsett, and Ashley Penney, all of WSHS; Victorea Goodine, Mariah Lagasse, Kylee Morrissette, Jenna Pelletier and Elizabeth Turner, all of WHS.

Mass Media Communications — high honors: Bradley Carver, Catherine Collier, Calvin Holmes, Robert Moore and Brayden Paine, all of MHS; and Gareth Belton, Michaela Bolduc, Ulvar Gansum, Kohl Gilbert, James Lauzon, Sarah Libby and Justine Richardson, all of WSHS.

Honors: Alexis Murray, of LHS; Frazier Ditmanson, of WSHS; and Michael Ayers and Demeka Roderick, both of WHS.

Precision Machining — high honors: Kolby Lawrence, Andrew Vigue and Robert Zahoransky, all of LHS; Nicholas Bragg, of WSHS; and Trenton Bouchard and Cory Roy, both of WHS.

Honors: Ethan Carmichael, Brett Coates, Jacob Howard and Maxwell Marin, all of LHS; Eli Principato, of TA; and Nathaniel Clowes and Aaron Oakes, both of WSHS.

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