WASHINGTON — While the movement to dump Donald Trump from the party ticket is gaining followers among delegates, at least one top party official is warning of a backlash.

“Can you imagine the rage if Trump is denied the nomination?” Bruce Ash of Arizona wrote fellow members of the Republican National Committee.

Several hundred Republican delegates are organizing to oppose Trump at the convention. That’s not enough to topple him. But it’s more than enough to create turmoil at an event that typically unifies a party in support of a candidate.

There could be floor fights over convention rules and the party’s platform. And instead of a coronation, the roll call to nominate Trump could allow delegates to voice their displeasure on national television.

Trump dismisses attempts to deny him the nomination, noting he will have more than enough support at the convention to win the nomination and control the proceedings.

The dump Trump group faces another obstacle: It has no candidate to challenge Trump.

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