BOSTON — Passers-by who spot an animal locked in a hot car would be allowed to smash the car’s window to rescue the pet under a bill approved unanimously by the Massachusetts Senate.

The passer-by would first have to see if the door is locked, make a quick effort to find a police officer and call 911 to let them know he or she is planning to rescue the animal.

But he or she would be able to smash a window to free the animal as a last resort. Passers-by also would have to stay with the animal until police or another first responder arrived at the scene.

The Senate also unanimously passed another bill Tuesday that would ban the sale of puppies and kittens under 8 weeks old, and would allow veterinarians to declare any pet with a significant health condition as “unfit for purchase.”

Buyers of such an animal would be able to exchange the pet or seek a refund and reimbursement for some veterinary fees.

The bills now go to the House.

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