I agree gun control is stupid. I also agree gun sense is not needing a high capacity assault weapon to hunt deer. A 90-round AK-47 should be illegal. Decent people should be looking at the slow and sneaky way the politicians are gaining gun control. The NRA should be lobbying against the onslaught of laws that create felons out of true American people.

How many of us have been invaded in our homes by 100 people? My guess is zero. Can you hunt deer, moose, ducks, partridge, turkey, etc. with a 90-shot AR-15 or AK-47? These weapons are called assault rifles for a reason. Our National Guard armories in every state should have thousands of them. If the time comes and this country is at war on our shore, they should be passed out to every able-bodied person to defend this country. Until that time they are illegal to own.

As to the reasoning for protecting property, this is a stupid one. A good old shotgun will deter most intruders. But let’s remember the part about a well-regulated militia, not a bunch of helter-skelter, trigger-happy idiots that say, “Look at me.”

Edwin Morris III


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