We received our new valuation update in Waterville. This is not a bill?

It may not be a bill, but it’s sure a warning to us seniors that are unable or unqualified to schedule an appointment.

What chance would an 86-year-old person with only a high school education stand at one of these so-called meetings against all these professionals. We don’t even have any idea on what questions or complaints we should bring up. I know that educated people will be able to get their valuations changed and I wish them the best of luck, but I know that I won’t be scheduling an appointment. It would be useless.

We’ve spent all our lives scrimping and saving our pennies so we would be able to retire in Waterville and not have to worry about our remaining years. We know someone has to pay for all these projects the city has planned, but why should it be the seniors that are living on fixed incomes?

Seems like every year we keep investing money into Main Street and special projects — when will it end? And you wonder why families are moving out of this city.

So far our mayor has vetoed this budget, but will it do any good?

Don Belanger


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