Remember last weekend and the cool air, well that is ancient meteorological history.  This weekend resumes the pattern of sunshine and warm temperatures we have become accustomed to on weekends.

With high pressure building into the region, I expect warm air and moderate levels of humidity.  Saturday’s humidity will be higher in the morning, but falling during the day.   Overnight temperatures will be comfortable for sleeping.

If you’re going hiking, biking, or running…

The further inland and north you go this weekend will provide the driest air.  While it will be mainly dry across much of New England, humidity levels will be highest across the south coast of New England and lowest across northern Vermont, New Hampshire and western Maine.

In the mountains Saturday there could be a few showers in the afternoon and it will feel cool when the sun is behind the clouds.  Temperatures in the higher elevations Sunday morning could be just under 50 degrees, but warm up quickly after sunrise.

Highs on Saturday across New England

Highs on Saturday across New England

If you’re going beaching and boating…

From Maine to Massachusetts: Tides are high at about 10 a.m. give or take, depending on the beach. Astronomically, this is an average weekend for tide height, meaning plenty of room at the beaches even during high tide. Boaters will enjoy a light west wind Saturday with slight seas 2-4 feet. Sunday winds will be more easterly with similar wave heights.

Water temperatures have warmed well into the 60s south, but are in the 50s from the mid-coast northward.  The water will be warmer on Sunday with the easterly wind which tends to push warmer water towards the shore.

If you’re playing soccer, softball, baseball, or golf…

Saturday’s forecast:   A warm start to the day with noticeable humidity very early.   With no rain in the forecast the greens should be mainly dry, with the exception of some dew early.

Sunday’s outlook: More dry weather with less humidity.  Temperatures continue to be rather warm in the afternoon, into the 80s inland, but cooler at the water’s edge.

Highs on Sunday across New England

Highs on Sunday across New England

If you’re gardening…

The drought has worsened over most areas in the past week  water your plants early in the day and for a longer period of time  Try not to get the leaves wet if possible.  A typical empty tuna can measures about an inch of rain water.  You need that much each week for most plants, including vegetables.

If you’re running errands…

I routinely mention just how hot the car can become when parked on sunny days. On Saturday, with nearly full sunshine, you’ll definitely want to leave the windows open a tiny bit to avoid returning to a hot car. Never leave pets inside the car, as even with some air flow the temperatures can easily exceed 90 degrees.

It won’t matter what day you do your errands, you’ll miss out on some great weather if you are inside!  Have a great weekend.

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