As I enjoyed yet another cool Maine summer morning last week, I noticed something amiss in my yard. Once again, my “Hillary” sign had vanished. Had a mysterious night-time storm torn the sign from the ground? Had some sneaky skunk gnawed the wire frame free from its moorings and taken it off to an underground lair?

No, neither nature nor naughty critters are to blame for the vandalism. The fault lies with some of Hillary’s political opponents, on the left and the right, who apparently cannot stand for anyone to support the first woman to win a major party’s nomination. I have had signs for other candidates that have remained in my yard untouched, and Hallowell is full of “Bernie” signs long after the Vermont senator lost his bid for the Democratic nomination. Apparently, there are some misguided souls who believe that theft is justified when it comes to the former secretary of state. No wonder it seems so hard to find Hillary signs around!

I am happy to talk with anyone about why I think Clinton’s experience, temperament and ideas make her eminently qualified to be president (particularly compared to her competition). All I ask is that we simply respect private property and political differences. Stealing a political sign is as bad as taking my kid’s bike off my lawn. It’s a pathetic example of political cowardice.

Instead of stealing signs, let’s start a conversation. We might be surprised by what we can learn from one another.

Chris Myers Asch


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