Make sure you vote Nov. 8 for our next president based on your conscience and not only the political party.

Let’s recap the important issues regarding the Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton, to become president and commander-in-chief of the United States.

According to extensive investigation by Congress and the FBI, Clinton lied about her emails that were classified up to top secret. She used a provider who had no clearance to access these emails. plus she deleted thousands of emails before anyone had access to them. She is not being prosecuted, which looks like a double standard.

In addition, Clinton lied to the families of the four people in the Benghazi that were murdered, telling them it was based on a video.

I hope that everyone votes for the best person to be our next president, so we can become prosperous and a world leader again.

As the saying goes, “A leopard never changes it spots.”

William Smith


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