I’ve been following the commentary regarding Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s criticisms of the Republican nominee, and I have to say that not only am I astounded by the blind hypocrisy of Donald Trump and his supporters, but also by the media, which appears to have missed her point.

Ginsburg knew exactly what she was doing, yet the endless editorials (all of them!) are written as if the authors believe she made a mistake of temperament. Instead, what she did by her action was pose a very pointed question to all Americans, and a very barbed one to Trump supporters.

If it’s true that Trump is not obliged by law to make his taxes public, it is also true that Ginsburg is not similarly prohibited from running him down for it. These are traditions, not laws, and if a candidate wants to run roughshod over them, so be it! But that same candidate cannot turn around and credibly complain when someone else does it too. That’s called hypocrisy, and it’s so obvious to anyone with a brain, that it must needs be categorized as childish. If you too fail to see the hypocrisy, then you too are a child.

I would be willing to bet that the minute Trump releases his taxes is the same minute in which Ginsburg stops criticizing him publicly. For my part, I hope she continues to run him down until that time that he satisfies a tradition which has served this country well.

Be careful what you wish for, Trump supporters. But the more I listen to them and their candidate, the more convinced I am that they haven’t the foggiest clue what that is.

Duncan Dunscombe


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