Why has Sen. Mike Thibodeau, R-Winterport, consistently opposed expanding Medicaid, which would permit federal money to assist Mainers with health care?

As an occupational therapist, I work with patients from across the income spectrum who are seeking to restore their basic, independent functioning to carry on with their lives. Despite great need, people are turned away from rehabilitation services for their lack of eligibility for Medicaid, or MaineCare, due to cut backs.

If Mainers using Medicaid lived in any other New England state, they would be entitled to receive greater health care benefits. Local hospital administrators and providers alike are asking for Medicaid expansion.

Shouldn’t the president of the Maine Senate be developing legislative support for Medicaid’s expanded services? He’s had ample opportunity to vote for his constituents’ needs, but he has consistently voted against them. We need a leader in Maine advocating for expanding Medicaid, and Mike Thibodeau is actively opposed.

Thanks to Jonathan Fulford, citizens of Waldo County can vote for a different kind of representation in Augusta. Fulford holds the record among Maine’s legislative candidates for meeting people in their homes to listen to their concerns. Access to health care is one of the biggest concerns he has heard. Fulford pledges to work for expanding Medicaid for improved access to health care.

Take a positive step for yourself and your family. Join me in voting for Fulford for state Senate to promote a healthier community.

Lauren Murray


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