The delegation representing Maine at the Democratic National Convention cast 18 votes for Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and 12 votes for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton during Tuesday’s roll call nomination for president at Convention Hall in Philadelphia.

Though Maine voted for Sanders, it was Clinton who won the Democratic Party nomination becoming the first woman in United States history to lead a major political party into a presidential election.

Maine Democratic Party Chairman Phil Bartlett introduced the vote by the Maine delegation during the roll call by making a few remarks about his home state.

“Known for our rugged independence and relentless Yankee work ethic, Mainers stand up for their neighbors,” Bartlett said. “Our traditions run as deep as our forests. We are loggers and lobstermen, farmers and fishermen. Home of Acadia, Longfellow, L.L. Bean and Stephen King, Maine has not voted for a Republican (for president) in nearly three decades. As Maine goes, so goes the nation, and so goes the nation for a Democratic president.”

Clinton needed 2,382 votes to win the party nomination. She received 2,842 votes.

Clinton’s official nomination comes the day after Sanders urged his supporters to back Clinton’s bid for president.

The Maine delegation vote did not come as a surprise because Maine Democrats have consistently backed Sanders as their candidate.

Katie Baker, a spokeswoman for the Maine Democratic Party, said the Maine delegation voted pretty much as expected with Troy Jackson of Allagash being the only superdelegate to cast a vote for Sanders.

The remaining superdelegates, U.S. Rep. Chellie Pingree of North Haven, Peggie Schaffer of Vassalboro, Maggie Allen of Madison, and Bartlett voting for Clinton.

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