Over the years, I have encountered several situations where I have found myself turning to the town of Fairfield’s website for information and guidance. Each visit results in success; I am always able to quickly and easily navigate the pages to find the information I am looking for. Reports, meeting minutes, and other documents and information, from each department, are always current and updated regularly; at least those that I have sought.

Aside from the ease of navigation and current information, I am also impressed by the historical and other community-related content. Information about the history of the town includes such details as Jonathan Emery’s alleged initial settlement of the former Fairfield Plantation in 1771, and a complete timeline leading up to modern-day Fairfield.

Long story short, I appreciate the time, effort and pride reflected on the website. Maintaining such an outstanding online presence is no easy task. Smaller municipalities seeking a great example of providing a superb community website for their residents should look no further than Fairfield.

Sure, there are other well-constructed municipal websites out there, but most are generic, outdated or template-based with boring or dull designs and layouts, and reflect little to no pride in their heritage.

Kyle Pantermoller