I have known and followed Rep. Henry Beck during his years of service as a member of the Waterville City Council and as a member of the Maine House of Representatives. I know Henry to be a dedicated, sincere, caring person and public servant. He is now a candidate for the Maine Senate.

Henry believes, as I do, that health care is a basic and fundamental human right and necessity. Henry understands that Maine people need access to affordable health care. That’s what the Affordable Care Act and the MaineCare expansion program are all about. Today there are millions of federal dollars earmarked for the MaineCare expansion program that would provide basic health care to tens of thousands of low-income Mainers. Instead, those federal dollars are going to other states that have adopted the expansion program and those states are experiencing great results. By accepting federal dollars they are not only helping low-income people, they are helping their state’s economy as well.

Accepting federal dollars and making affordable health care available to thousands of Maine people is the right thing to do. Henry understands that. That’s why he voted again and again in favor of the MaineCare expansion program during his time in the Maine House of Representatives. And that’s why I’m supporting Henry Beck for Maine state senator this November. I hope you will too.

John Nale


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