NOTE: Yes, we (and the Windham PD) know the video is sideways, but it’s still funny.)

Officer MacVane of the Windham Police Department Thursday responded to a call that was … “moo-ving.” The department posted a video of his chase of its Facebook page.

MacVane took a call about cows that were reportedly menacing cars on a town road. After several attempts to deal with them, he took the direct approach and followed the cows in his cruiser until they left the roadway. The cows were, literally, running from the law.

Comments from Facebook Windham PD followers who watched the video were decidedly bovine in nature:

“Only COWards run away from the law” wrote Stacey Turcotte. 

“Udderly funny,” wrote Sherry Flammia.

And this came from Heidi Levasseur: “Milk this for all its worth WPD!”

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