The political conventions are over, and it’s clear that never before in our history has the attack on American capitalism posed such a clear and present danger.

President Barack Obama promised to “transform our nation.” His presidency has gone a long way to succeeding in a transformation so striking that we hardly recognize our republic any more. All that is left to complete the transformation to a socialistic state is to make the wrong election choice again.

The result of our two major political party primaries has produced one of the clearest choices ever. Each candidate and their parties stand for totally different visions of government. We must decide to put aside each candidate’s personal unfavorability ratings, focus on the issues, and make the choice for the America we want.

Grit, merit, providence, individualism, trust and, above, all pride in our country — these qualities, among others, are the reason that hundreds of millions of people worldwide look to America for hope, inspiration and opportunity. But it’s precisely these virtues that are now under attack by the radical left of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and their followers. America as we know it is eroding before our eyes and becoming what Eric Bolling, author of a new book, “Wake up America, calls “a politically correct nanny state.”

Bolling writes, “The rewards for individual achievement and hard work, our basic constitutional rights, religious faith, national identity, and capitalism itself are being replaced by a dangerous socialistic ideology that is the polar opposite of what our Founding Fathers intended America to be.”

I confess that reading “Wake up America” after witnessing the party conventions provided me inspiration for another politically incorrect column. The PC police are everywhere you know. Hillary Clinton and the Democrats promise four more years of Obama’s agenda to “transform America.”


Directed by the success of the socialist Sanders’ campaign against capitalism, Clinton and her party now take an even more severe turn to the progressive, liberal left. The “transformation of America” is escalating. A Hillary victory in November means continuation of a weak, apologetic foreign policy, unwillingness to confront “radical Islamic terrorism” with an aggressive offensive, and a military no longer well-equipped to protect us.

The urgent need for immigration reform is met with a call for an increase in the number of basically unvetted refugees coming into our country. Amnesty for illegal immigrants, sanctuary cities, and essentially open borders is the Clinton-Democrat formula at a time of great domestic danger.

Meanwhile, American workers remain mired in a weak economy that is unable to increase production by more than 2 percent as wages continue to stagnate and fewer people seek employment. Clinton, coerced by Sanders, thinks the answer is doubling the minimum wage from $7.25 to $15 an hour. Maine gets to vote for $12 this November. Does no one understand what the devastating effect would be on small businesses, many of whom survive on small profit margins while providing the majority of America’s jobs?

The loss of jobs, rather than increased personal income, is inestimable. The minimum wage was never intended to provide full-time jobs at starting salaries of $31,200 a year. That is not its purpose. It serves mostly entry-level and part-time employment and should be raised, but reasonably.

Meanwhile, the missing ingredient in the 2016 presidential election debate is our burgeoning national debt. While Clinton and the Dems’ promote free universal health care, free college tuition, expansion of Social Security benefits and Medicare/Medicaid, our country races towards financial armageddon. The Republicans in Congress are as complicit in this fiscal insanity as the Democrats. That is one of the major reasons that voters are fed up with both political parties.

The Democrat-Socialist dream for a solution to our national debt problem is to tax the top 1 percent — successful American entrepreneurs — into oblivion (taking the jobs with them), and to dismantle the nation’s banking institutions while placing stifling new regulations on personal investments.


Hell of a plan, except every economic and statistical study has concluded that none of this socialistic clap-trap would even put a dent in our runaway debt.

Politicians on both sides of the aisle give no deference to impending debt doom, instead contently wallowing in the perks of their political offices.

Voters view all this with disgust. That is why Donald Trump, a foot-in-his-mouth, politically inexperienced but successful outsider, is positioned as the improbable alternative.

Don’t measure the Oval Office drapes yet, Hillary!

Don Roberts is a veteran broadcaster, writer and political consultant. He has served Augusta as a city councilor at-large, charter commission vice chairman and utilities district treasurer.

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