Our governor is at it again. He wants to reduce the income tax rate of the very wealthy (that’s not me and probably not you) from 7.15 percent to 5.75 percent.

How would he pay for such a nice benefit for the folks who already have everything they need and more? He has proposed cutting 2,300 state jobs, which might be a reasonable curbing technique against a better cause.

Very wealthy folks probably don’t need the services provided by the state; they can buy just about anything they need or want. So increasing their spendable income while decreasing the services most of us really need, well, that doesn’t sound like a great idea to me so far.

Further distancing the middle class from the upper echelon of earners isn’t fair and won’t do anything positive for the state. I am not fooled by the concept that wealthy folks are job-growers. Many of those folks tend to invest outside of the country and have their money in offshore banks. I hope my fellow Mainers will respond to this new plan to destroy us with the disgust I feel. There’s nothing good in this plan.

Charles Sawyer


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