I am writing in response to Lincoln County Sheriff Todd Brackett’s words (“Do our officers stand alone?” July 22). No, we cannot fully trust police officers because we’ve had some of them flex their authority muscles with us, too far, unnecessarily. Otherwise, we are mostly decent, law-abiding citizens who are mostly compliant and try not to make stupid mistakes, but neither do we enjoy being treated as if we’re criminals nor do we deserve to be disrespected, which has happened to many of us.

We can appreciate those we are paying to protect us and the peace, but they can be taught some appreciation in turn, and some humility for their job mandate in society. Our lives have been taken, as well as police lives, and ours have meaning too. You don’t hear that in the media.

The court system in this country is shameful in regard to justice. Some citizens have much less trust than others of us and have lost their compass and balance in living. There are extremists among us. Go to big cities and add race as a factor, fear and violence magnified, compared to the state of Maine.

Sadly, even here, the police will inherit every officer’s bad treatment of our citizens, and it goes on and must stop. Meanwhile, police jobs are sought and, though dangerous in possibility, are better jobs than others have, with benefits.

True respect is earned and it goes both ways.

Shannon Pyne


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