I find Donald Trump astonishing. Astonishing because he attracts so many listeners, just as Adolf Hitler did, and by the exact same way. Hitler told the people what they wanted to hear; “We are going to take back our land taken from us at the end of World War I,” “We are going to get rid of people we don’t like — who are stifling us,” “We will be a strong nation again, a master race with jobs for all.”

Younger readers did not hear it, but you older ones, as I am, can never forget it on the radio in the 1930s, Hitler’s arresting voice promising depressed Germans a new future amid the cheers of his adoring listeners only to lead them into World War II and the ruination of their country.

I will never forget his voice, and now from out of the past Trump recalls it. Warnings are for only those who heed them.

Henry Dillenbeck


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