WINSLOW — The Town Council will hold a public hearing on Monday before voting on a resolution to declare a garage on Marcoux Street a dangerous building.

The town’s code enforcement officer has been working with the estate of the building owner on what to do about the two buildings at 12 Marcoux St., a house and a garage. The garage has partially collapsed and is “damaged beyond repair,” according to a resolution to declare it a dangerous building and a nuisance. The building is owned by Embert Allen, and his son Michael Allen is acting on his behalf.

“Everyone recognizes it needs to be resolved,” said Town Manager Mike Heavener. TD Bank, which holds the mortgage on the property, has agreed to pay for demolition of the garage and removal of the debris, he said, although he did not know for certain how the Allens would pay the bank back.

The resolution, if passed on Monday, would order the demolition by Sept. 20. If not completed by that date, the town would demolish the building, the resolution says.

The Town Council will discuss the Winslow Family 4th of July committee’s payments owed to the town. The committee owes the town $6,177.94 for 2015, which was originally due on June 15, and $10,355.72 for 2016. The committee made a payment of $2,250 on July 26, Heavener said, so the outstanding balance is $14,283.66, which is now due on Oct. 26.

When asked what the town would do if the committee didn’t pay by that date, Heavener said that was something he’d have to discuss with the council.


The council will also vote on the first reading of an ordinance that would amend the personnel rules and regulations for town employees. The proposed changes would provide the benefits of paid holidays and sick leave for those who work 30 hours or more per week for the town.

“I think it will help us keep the employees we have,” Heavener said. The policy could also help attract new employees if the town should ever need to fill a position, he said.

Also on the agenda is a vote to increase the allowed cost of a sewer line project on Fuller Drive. Originally, the project was approved to cost no more than $127,000. The public works department said the new estimate is $140,000. “There are additional requirements to protect the environment because it could threaten the bat population,” Heavener said.

The project will replace an aged sewer line, which could potentially rupture and cause even more damage to the environment, Heavener said.

A drain catch basin and 120 feet of pipe along Halifax Street need to be replaced, and the council will vote on a resolution to authorize the public works department to use up to $81,000 for the project.

The pipe has collapsed and the catch basin is very old, Heavener said, so they both need to be replaced.


A final vote will be taken on an order that would let Winslow enter into a five-year solid waste disposal agreement with Waste Management Disposal Services of Maine, Inc., which uses Crossroads Landfill in Norridgewock. Councilors voted 5-1 to sign the contract with Steve Russell voting in opposition.

Councilors will also vote to approve a Municipal Partnership Agreement with the Maine Department of Transportation that would let Winslow fix 0.12 miles of road from Clinton Avenue to Monument Street. The estimated cost is $500,000, of which the transportation department would pay half. The councilors voted unanimously in favor of the order at the previous meeting.

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