While I am not a big fan of Donald Trump’s candidacy, I believe that he may have sacrificed as much for his country as his detractor, Khizr Khan, father of the heroic Capt. Humayum Kahn. Capt. Khan was killed in action 12 years ago in Iraq. His action won him the Bronze Star posthumously.

At the Democratic convention, the elder Khan denounced Trump for suggesting that we institute a ban against allowing Muslims to immigrate to the U.S.

Since Kahn’s speech at the convention, there has been much media coverage about who may have sacrificed more for their country — the Khan parents or Trump.

While the Khan parents mourn their son’s death, they deserve all of our sympathy.

As for the sacrifice, their son’s actions captures it all. He is the one who raised his hand to volunteer for the Army. He is the only one who volunteered to give his life protecting the men he loved. There was no sacrifice by the rest of the Kahn family — only a tremendous loss and grief they must accept.

Capt. Khan’s sacrifice should not have been tarnished by using it politically — particularly by his family, the Clinton campaign and Trump. There is little sacrificing to be found in that group.

Richard LaPorte


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