As a former state representative and mayor of Pittsfield, I know what it takes to be a leader. I see those qualities in Scott Strom and that is why I am voting for him to represent Pittsfield, Detroit and Clinton in the Maine House of Representatives.

Strom, a Republican, is the strong leader we need who will work hard on our behalf and always listen to his constituents when they have concerns. Whether it’s fighting for tax relief for the Maine people and Maine businesses; continuing to reform our welfare programs to eliminate fraud and abuse; or working to address the drug epidemic that is sweeping our state, Strom will make sure our voices are heard at the State House.

When the people of Pittsfield, Detroit and Clinton step into the voting booth on Nov. 8, I urge you to join me in casting your vote for Scott Strom to be our voice in the Maine House of Representatives.

Bud Jones


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