In regards to the July 17 article, “Wayne Town Plan Highlights Importance of School,” I am writing this from my window overlooking Lake Androscoggin in Wayne.

Although I understand the need for the town to attract small businesses into the area, it does not justify the recent decision to allow a boat rental business to operate just beyond the 100-foot flood zone in a residential area.

These boats are being delivered to lakes in the area, some of which have known invasive plant infestations. They are then brought back and washed on the property. The owners were given a list of conditions under which the special exception was issued. However, they were given until September to complete them. In the meantime, they are allowed to operate without any of the recommended safeguards in place. Already one can see the ruts on the property running down to the lake. Operation of this business should not be allowed until the conditions are met.

The dozens of letters of opposition that were sent to the Planning Board from lakefront property owners, who provide 62 percent of the town’s revenue, were ignored. Suggestions that the boats be stored and maintained in a more appropriate location were also dismissed. Testimony from experts in invasive plants fell on deaf ears.

If and when an invasive plant chokes and dries up the lake, so too will the taxpayer revenue.

Karen Babcock


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