The Aug. 3 report of a police officer’s cellphone video really was a hoot. I had also seen the video online of Windham police Officer Ernest MacVane issuing lawful orders for the two cows who escaped their fence and were wandering in the roadway to stop running from an identified police officer, get on the ground and stop resisting. Very funny.

Those two cows were lucky they were not human beings. Had they been human, they might have justifiably been shot. Clearly, the two cows presented a clear and imminent danger to a motorist who might have been on that road. The cows’ presence could have caused a fatal motor accident, a threat to human life. The two cows refused to obey three lawful orders by an officer of the law.

From many past news reports, human beings have been “justifiably” shot and killed for less. Since there were no death reports related to the cows, I will assume they made it safely back to the barn (home).

In the future, I hope all policemen will give the same latitude to human beings as was given the two cows.

Peter P. Sirois