I always look forward to M.D. Harmon’s regular Saturday column. Good comedy is hard to find, but I can almost always count on Harmon, who seems to live in some alternate universe where rules and expectations only pertain to those with whom he disagrees.

Case in point, his July 29 diatribe “Obama, Clinton on wrong track,” in which he heaps scorn on the DNC for preferring Clinton over Sanders. To remind everyone, the DNC preferred a longtime Democrat who has more knowledge and government experience over her competitor, a longtime independent who has already confirmed he will return to that status after the election.

As J.P. Devine remarked in his July 30 column “…isn’t that what a DNC chairwoman is supposed to do?” The mission of the DNC and the RNC is to find the best candidates with the best chances to win, and to promote them to the voting public.

Harmon’s piece is a very good example of the pot calling the kettle black. An overwhelming percentage of Republican functionaries has tried everything but poison to get Trump out of the race. Maybe Harmon thinks the RNC had nothing to do with those efforts behind the scene. If so, I’ll sell him some “mildly damp” land in Florida.

In the same column, Harmon “deduces” that the 68.9 percent “wrong track” poll applies only to Clinton, not to Trump’s wild ideas (!) and poo-poos the involvement of the government of Trumps pal Putin in hacking American servers.

Please, don’t ever terminate Harmon’s column. I can never get enough of his “wackobird” reasoning.

Paul W. Dutram


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