Seriously? The new Lithgow library is such a big deal that the city no longer needs to provide stewardship and Christian support in that part of town?

This has long been a mixed neighborhood of owned homes, apartments, group homes, social service organizations, doctors, lawyers, hairdressers, churches, courthouses, jails, state services and banks. St. Mark’s has been a service center for those seeking food, solace, sobriety and clothing, and was a home for elderly women for years.

Now this area is so exclusive that there is no room for female veterans. I guess people can serve their country but have no place in a “marquee” neighborhood.

Augusta is really a mixed bag of zoning everywhere, and this proposal to limit the use of St. Mark’s and the further development of the area seems contrary to common sense and Christian values.

This property has a heritage that should be passed on. I am sure the city can put together the resources to ensure that the neighborhood will remain safe and vibrant.

Linda Kelman Buckley

West Gardiner

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