Thank you, Sen. Roger Katz, for speaking up (“Trump not fit for presidency,” Aug. 5).

Katz captured the spirit and perspective of millions of people living and working in our country today. The moderates seem to have lost their voice, or perhaps they are intimidated by the shrill voice of extremist conservatives. It is easy to see why a reasonable person would want to shrink back in the face of the intimidating tactics used by demagogues like Gov. Paul LePage and Donald Trump. Slander, name-calling, threats, distortion of facts, and secrecy are all earmarks of the bully.

In November I will remember which of my local, state and national representatives had the courage to defy the leaders of their own party and speak out against bigotry and discrimination.

Putting one’s own political ambitions before the courage to speak up for the common good is, well, cowardly.

I am proud to call Katz my senator. His father would be proud as well.

A. Delaine Nye


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