Maine’s drug problem has been in the headlines for quite some time and far too often. Sen. Scott Cyrway, R-Benton, has played a critical role in addressing Maine’s drug crisis. Cyrway sponsored a bill to stiffen the penalties for the importation of illegal drugs. This bill gained broad bipartisan support and has now become law. Cyrway also voted in favor of emergency legislation that put 10 additional drug enforcement agents on the street and created resources to treat addicts.

Cyrway’s work in law enforcement has gained him insight of the plight of many Maine people. He has seen firsthand how drugs destroy families. He understands the social and financial cost associated with drug use.

Cyrway is a hard-working and humble public servant. His roots run deep in central Maine. He is not a career politician. He will vote his conscience and not succumb to political arm-twisting. Please consider supporting Cyrway for re-election in November.

Brian Dutil


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