Sen. Roger Katz, R-Augusta, recently made a public statement that Donald Trump isn’t fit to be president (columns, Aug. 5). He can join the long list of Republicans who hold that view. The irony is crooked Hillary Clinton isn’t fit to be president either. A

ny honest politician would tell you she ought to be put in jail for various reasons. That statement does tend to make me question if there are any honest Democrats left. Where is the outrage in the Democratic Party about electing this corrupt woman? One can only conclude from the silence it must be more widely accepted in Democratic circles to be crooked than to be obnoxious.

The primary voters sure have made a mess of this election. Maybe in the future elections, the states ought to have a “none of the above” option on the ballot and if “none of the above” wins, the whole election gets thrown back to the 50 state legislatures and they can nominate and appoint a sitting governor to serve as our president.

John Hopkins


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