I read with disappointment the opinion columns by Sen. Roger Katz (“Trump not fit for presidency,” Aug. 5) and Susan Collins (“I will not be voting for Donald Trump,” Aug. 8).

I am highly offended by Katz’s comments that supporters of Trump are “empowered to come out of the woodwork and spew their own dark vision of America.” I can assure you that I have no “dark vision of America,” nor am I one of the “others” who is a bigot, racist, or hater because I choose to support Trump. Katz goes on to exaggerate Trump’s positions and has the gall to compare him to Hitler.

During the primaries, 17 candidates pledged that they would support the nominee, but some chose to not support when they weren’t the chosen ones. This is typical of career politicians. They will pledge whatever is politically expedient, and then ignore their promise after election. Wake up elected officials, the voters are sick of this. You may think I’m a political novice, but that is far from the truth. I was the head of a national political action committee for a decade, and I can assure you that career politicians, Republican or Democrat, would sell their own mothers to assure their re-election.

Everyone has the right to vote for their choice of candidate, but as prominent Republicans these two have crossed the line and are working for the election of Hillary Clinton. They apparently don’t have the nerve to say outright that they are voting for Clinton, but I can’t believe they won’t vote at all, and their actions speak louder than words. Why then don’t they simply change their registration from Republican to Democrat?

Seriously, do they really want to turn the Supreme Court over to Hillary? Do they really want to elect someone who has lied about so many things — from Benghazi to emails? Apparently they do. Sad.

Sandra Mason


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