More immigrants to “build Maine’s economy”? Maine needs people. We agree. But 318 million Americans are already here, and millions visit every year. Why aren’t we recruiting them? Is there something special about foreign people? Maybe they’re just more willing to work at low wages. And if Congress expands immigration, as the Partnership for the New American Economy is promoting, then the employers wouldn’t have to compete. And that’s the point.

Who benefits from a low-wage economy? Hint: Check out the full membership of the Partnership, which supplied the data for this editorial (“Our Opinion: To grow economy, Maine needs more immigrants,” Aug. 8).

Even without President Barack Obama’s lawless executive amnesties, illegal immigrants enjoy a special federal protection from Obama’s earlier Preferred Enforcement Program, which limits most deportations to terrorists and violent felons. Fear of deportation? That’s a joke. How did we get another 11.7 million illegal immigrants, after passing seven amnesties for 6 million? And 550,000 new illegal immigrants are now arriving annually. What “fear” are they talking about?

The recent Supreme Court decision doesn’t put illegal immigrants at increased risk of deportation. The case focused on Obama’s attempt to issue work permits to 5 million, giving them access to state and federal benefits, including driver’s licenses, Obamacare, Social Security numbers, and access to better jobs.

Immigrants and their children have added 81 million people to America’s population. We aren’t stingy. But we have the right to set limits and enforce them.

Jonette Christian

Mainers for Sensible Immigration Policy


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