I believe that Donald Trump has conspired with Obama, the Clintons, and the DNC to destroy the Republican Party and attain their goal of a socialistic government for the United States. It is very difficult to believe that even a bombastic, egotistical person like Trump would be stupid enough to say the things that he has said during this campaign, unless it was meant to throw the election, and assure that Clinton is put into a position to continue Obama’s failed policies for the foreseeable future. A “rigged” election is certainly possible.

I am extremely hopeful that a viable independent candidate will come forward to run for the presidency who has the ability to gain the support of a majority of the electorate. Space does not allow me to enumerate the qualities that said candidate should possess, but pragmatism, social justice, and a strong belief in the principles upon which this country was founded, and which are described in the Constitution, would be admirable qualities that I would look for in any candidate for public office.

If we hope to maintain our rights and freedoms that are the foundation upon which this country was founded and that have protected us ever since, then we had better fervently hope that a solution presents itself that will reverse the direction that our society has been taking recently.

I admit to not being familiar enough with the existing alternate party candidates, but am skeptical of their platforms. Evan McMullin, the latest person to announce his candidacy, is unknown to me, but I intend to correct that situation, and would encourage others to do the same.

If Trump or Clinton gain the presidency, I do not see good things ahead for country or our way of life.

David Small


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