The Winslow Fire Department will soon test the fire hydrants in town to assure the Kennebec Water District’s water distribution system is providing adequate water supply at various locations for fire suppression operations, according to a news release from Fire Chief David P. LaFountain.

This testing is required by Insurance Services Organization, an organization that determines fire insurance rates, and the National Fire Protection Association Standard 291, Recommended Practice for Fire Flow Testing of Fire Hydrants. The Fire Department will annually flow test approximately 33 percent of more than 150 fire hydrants. Last year, the taxpayers of the City of Winslow paid more than $146,700 for “hydrant rental” fees, according to the release.

Testing will typically take place between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays starting Tuesday, Sept. 6.

This year’s schedule is as follows:

• Week 1 — Sept. 6-8: Lithgow Street and Augusta Road to Michaud’s Trailers;

• Week 2 — Sept. 13-15: Finish Augusta Road, Verti Drive, Millenium Drive and Taylor Road;

• Week 3 — Sept. 20-22: Finish Taylor Road, Cushman Road, Joe Avenue, Bolduc Street, Ginger Avenue, Norton Street, Bert Street, Sam Street, Gail Street, Clifford Avenue, Lucille Avenue, Clifford Avenue, Bassett Road, Helen Street;

• Week 4 — Sept. 27-29: Lee, Beck, Marie, Robert, Jim, Maude, Jack, Pat and Donna streets, Cushman Road.

The Fire Department will try to minimize any negative impact on the water distribution system, but it is normal for water discoloration to occur. Homeowners in the affected area are advised to refrain from doing laundry, or use dishwashers during the testing period. Any prolonged discoloration can be reported to the Kennebec Water District by calling 872-2763.

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