I am disappointed and disheartened by the Maine Republican Party’s attempt to confuse voters by continually distorting the records of their Democratic opponents. If Republican candidates cannot stand on their own merits, then the party needs to take a hard look at its candidates and adjust accordingly. But purposeful mischaracterization is a weak, cowardly and dishonest approach to campaigning that only serves to suggest that voters are too ignorant to know the difference.

The most recent example of this type of blatant mischaracterization involves the record of Rep. Henry Beck, Democratic candidate for the Maine Senate.

Beck has been in public service for his entire adult life, and has long proved himself to be a true representative of the people of his home city and state.

The Maine Republican Party would have voters believe that Sen. Scott Cyrway, R-Benton, opposed a property tax hike and Beck did not, when in fact a check of Beck’s record reveals that as a member of the Waterville City Council, Beck voted for lower property taxes throughout his three-year term.

In state government he has voted to protect revenue-sharing in state budget after state budget. Beck voted to cut property taxes for seniors (L.D. 76), while Cyrway voted against property tax cuts for seniors. (Beck is also fighting hard against auto insurance rate hikes for seniors while his opponent is not.)

Distorting the truth regarding the verifiable records of candidates is both juvenile and revealing. Maine voters are smarter than that.

Julia Vigue


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