Gov. Paul LePage’s daughter is going to be working on behalf of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and vice presidential candidate Mike Pence.

Lauren LePage, a third-year law student at the University of Maine School of Law in Portland, was named Maine coalitions director for Trump and Pence on Wednesday, and Leland Graves was appointed the campaign’s deputy state director. The new hires were announced by the Trump and Pence campaign team.

Christie Lee-McNally, Trump’s state director, said the new staffers will join a campaign that will try to turn out the votes to win Maine’s four electoral votes in November.

“We have assembled a strong team of campaign staffers that is committed to building the grassroots enthusiasm that we saw in the primary that will turn out the votes that we need to win Maine in November,” McNally said in a statement.

“Maine voters we hear from understand that Hillary Clinton represents a third Obama term while the Trump-Pence campaign of tougher law enforcement, stopping illegal immigration and bringing back jobs is resonating strongly across the battleground states.”

Lauren LePage, who lives in Waterville, previously served as executive director of Maine People Before Politics, an advocacy group formed to advance her father’s agenda. She has also served as the governor’s assistant chief of staff, according to the news release.

In her job as coalitions director, LePage will do outreach to groups supportive of the Trump-Pence ticket.

Graves, who lives in Bangor, is a graduate of the University of Maine and has worked on campaigns for several Maine state Senate Republicans.

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