Although I completely agree with all the criticisms concerning the outrageous statements made by Republican presidential candidate Donald J. Trump, I believe there is one overriding point that I have not seen made. I am of the opinion, based on Trump’s long history of outrageous statements and his frequent changing of position on important issues, that he does not have any core beliefs. He simply says what he thinks the people he is speaking to want to hear.

He knew when he decided to run as a Republican that he had to appeal to the Republican base, so all of a sudden he changed his position on women’s right to choose, became religious and fell in love with the Second Amendment, to name just a few. The only core belief that he has is making as much money as he possibly can for himself.

All the comments about how he says things do not really represent what makes him absolutely and completely the wrong choice to be president. His major problem is a complete lack of the core beliefs necessary to successfully serve as the president of the world’s greatest country.

Paul Lariviere


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