I would like to offer the following thoughts in response to John Hopkins’ letter stating that, in his opinion, the best candidate is none of the above (Letter, Aug. 22).

I agree with his premise that neither nominee of the two major parties is suitable to serve as president of the United States. I disagree with any assumption that the only alternative is to vote for no one.

Fortunately for America, there is yet another alternative. It is to vote for the Libertarian candidate, former governor of New Mexico Gary Johnson, and his vice presidential running mate, former governor of Massachusetts Bill Weld.

These two outstanding candidates are neither Washington insiders, like Clinton, nor clueless about government administration, like Trump. While governors, they exercised fiscal responsibility, unlike the many-times-bankrupted Trump. Neither had any scandals, in stark contrast to Clinton, whose entire adult life has been one long series of scandal after scandal.

Abstaining from voting will be falsely portrayed by the liberal media as “voter apathy,” when in fact it is an expression of voter disgust at the inability of the major parties to nominate anyone worth voting for. Voting Libertarian, on the other hand, will send a message that you are ready for real change and honest, competent leadership.

Roger Sproul


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