Why would Rep. Jeff McCabe, D-Skowhegan, who is already on the record supporting stricter gun laws, decide to flip-flop and now pretend to oppose background checks? The answer is pretty simple: McCabe is running for state Senate in a district known for its die-hard support of gun rights and he’s running against an incumbent senator known for his steadfast defense of the Second Amendment.

A few years ago, anti-gun advocates were desperate to put further limitations on our gun ownership rights. In Maine, they backed a bill that would have required background checks for all sales of guns by private citizens — even to family members. Under the law, the seller would risk being held liable for any crimes committed with those guns if they didn’t comply.

What they were proposing at the time was far stricter than the current ballot initiative McCabe has suddenly decided to oppose. As flawed as it is, even this proposal doesn’t require background checks for sales to family members.

Despite the onerous, far-reaching implications of that bill, McCabe voted for it — twice. He voted for it to pass, and then voted again to override Gov. Paul LePage’s veto of the bill.

For Somerset County gun owners and sportsmen there is only one choice this November: re-elect Sen. Rod Whittemore, R-Skowhegan. Unlike his opponent, Whittemore has a proven dependable record of protecting our Second Amendment rights.

Tom Caffyn


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