If you care about Maine’s environment and the health of Mainers, understand that Sen. Mike Thibodeau, R-Winterport, has failed us numerous times with his votes on issues impacting our health. In statistics compiled by the Maine Conservation Voters, using votes representing the tough choices, his lifetime record on environmental votes in the Legislature is a low 30 percent. In 2015 he scored 25 percent, and in 2014, 17 percent. Thibodeau voted against strengthening the protection of pregnant women and children from toxic chemicals, a bill which would have required disclosure of BPA use in food packaging by food manufacturers. He also voted against the act to protect Maine food consumers’ right to know about genetically modified food.

While Thibodeau voted for the actual solar power bill when he knew the governor was going to veto, he then voted against overriding the veto. Thus, the solar power bill lost, and by a very slim margin. His vote against solar power is a vote against potential jobs for Mainers and for corporate utilities. Other states are on board with solar power, but Maine is lagging behind because corporate profits are placed before health. It is vital we increase clean energy sources in Maine for the health of our children and their children.

We need someone to represent us in the Senate who will stand up for health and our environment. Jonathan Fulford, Thibodeau’s opponent in the November election, lives and works for environmental ideals — we have the chance to elect a proven champion.

Joan Willey


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