Why does the media allow Trump to thumb his nose at us by not showing us his tax returns? This character spends very little to campaign as the media responds to his every crafted statement or conspiracy theory, so why should he spend money when he gets free advertising?

Why do so many people support this insecure bully, unstable ego-maniac, and vile demagogue? Looking in the mirror, can they honestly feel they are being a fair and thoughtful citizen? Establishments and laws can be changed and improved when we elect politicians who compromise. There is absolutely no credible justification to vote for Donald Trump.

Far-right extremists drip stale misinformation that the media immediately reprints like it is new news. Media abuse their power by not being completely truthful, and media owners should be held to task.

Trump uses nationalistic fear-mongering and phony claims that gets replayed over and over, and less-informed people get unfairly influenced by this important “news.” Truths can keep us free or be corrupted to bankrupt our attitudes. Media fights for screen time and some lose sight of their mission to inform us truthfully, completely and without bias. Media and reporters who stay above simple drama, report with integrity and expose corruption will win hearts.

America is great because of our diversity and we will find better balance for most issues. With decorum, negotiation and compromise, we can make America even greater still. Without these, we will face more gridlock, obstructionism and decay of our political system. We need to get our political system working by electing new candidates who negotiate openly and compromise fairly without pledging allegiance to wealthy donors.

When we elect people who compromise, we improve tax laws, health care, trade, immigration, borders, security, justice, education, media influence, and may even limit special interests and more. Imagine that.

Dennis St. Jean


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