In response to the Aug. 26 editorial, “Our Opinion: Message to America: We’re sorry for LePage,” obviously, the “terrible mistake you made” was in writing such a pompous piece to begin with.

The media and liberal legislators in both parties (Republican and Democrat) have made it their mission to undermine and thwart any program or directive that Gov. Paul LePage has proposed.

He’s trying to do what’s best for the state of Maine, its people and their safety. And the hard fact of life is that there are individuals coming into this state who do us terrible harm. To identify them is not racial-profiling — they self-identify themselves when they are arrested for the crimes they commit.

When he shows good business sense in reviewing how our tax dollars are being spent, he’s attacked by special interest groups as being non-compassionate. However, accountability and responsibility are necessary elements here, and must go hand-in-hand for those who rely on government handouts and support. For his understanding of the issues, he is lambasted as insensitive, non-compassionate, racist, and worse.

Gov. LePage doesn’t need the patronization of media attack dogs and self-serving liberal legislators. What he does deserve is an acknowledgement of the good work he has done while in office. Not bowing to “political correctness,” the people of Maine have done just that with their vote of affirmation in the past election.

Thank you, Gov. LePage.

Pat Truman


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