While I certainly agree with the newspaper’s editorial position of the governor’s lack of paper industry support (”Governor shirks duty to Maine paper industry,” Aug. 21), I believe your editorial falls short of helping the paper manufacturers.

It is true that Gov. Paul LePage’s administration mismanages and misdirects support for Maine industry. But your editorial misses how we as a state and as individuals need to do more to keep the paper manufacturers and other industrial businesses successful, wanting to stay in Maine. Our state government, government agencies, private businesses and individual consumers can all help.

First, governments and agencies and businesses all have to buy large amounts of paper during the year. Do they ask and demand Maine-manufactured paper? When you as an individual consumer buy paper, do you ask the store managers at Staples or Wal-Mart or W.B. Mason where they are getting their stock? When you purchase your bathroom tissue, facial tissue, paper towels, napkins, disposable underwear, feminine hygiene products and diapers do you ask the store management where they source the products from? Do the daily and weekly newspapers demand Maine-made newsprint? Do the makers of brochures and printers of Maine-based magazines get their coated paper from here in this state?

Granted, we are a small state in the eyes of international paper manufacturers. But Maine still employs thousands of wood and paper workers, most of whom make good wages for this state. Those good wages buy merchandise and keep local economies moving forward. Their income, sales, and property taxes all keep our state and local governments afloat. We need to keep these jobs and do all we can to keep our fellow Mainers fully employed and keep their employers wanting to stay here.

What better way is there to support our state industries than to be buying what we also make?

Henry Dilts

Democratic candidate

Senate District 15


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