I’ve lived in California since 1955. I am a Maine native, born and raised in Winslow, a Coburn Classical Institute and Colby graduate. I was employed by a Maine company, C.F. Hathaway, for 38 years, representing the company in the 11 western states and Hawaii. I was extremely proud of my Maine heritage and sent many friends over the years to visit Maine, its coastline, and its lake and forest regions. Without exception, they always came back raving about how beautiful they found it and how much they enjoyed the beauty, and the people’s friendliness and values. I was so proud of Maine and being a native of Maine.

However this has all changed because of Gov. Paul LePage’s remarks.

Your governor was featured recently on CBS national news, and I’m sure the other national networks, for his crude comments in response to criticism of his recent racist remarks. You can’t believe the damage he’s done to Maine’s reputation in the country’s eyes, even worse than what George Wallace did to Alabama’s reputation many years ago. At least Wallace was not as crude in his remarks. LePage offers further proof of what lack of sleep does to one’s brain.

Unless the people of Maine do something, either impeach or recall him as California did to their governor (Gray Davis) a few years ago, Maine and its people will become the butt of jokes for generations to come. I know that the people of Maine are and deserve better than that.

Ken Castonguay

Redondo Beach, California

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