After Gov. Paul LePage’s most recent string of offensive actions, I think it’s time to think ahead to the November elections. We are electing the Maine House and Senate, which will determine how much harm LePage is able to do to our state’s residents, reputation and future in the last two years of his term.

Just in the last months of the legislative session, many Republican legislators voted to sustain his veto of a bipartisan bill to boost solar power. The Rockland Free Press reported: “According to the Public Advocate, the bill would have saved electric ratepayers between $58 million and $110 million over the current system, and solar industry representatives estimated it would have created 650 new jobs.”

Many of the Republicans in the Legislature have repeatedly supported LePage’s vetoes of bills that would require him to follow the will of the voters and authorize bonds for land conservation and senior housing.

It is time that we elect a Maine House and Senate with a Democratic majority — and with Republicans who are willing to stand up to our governor when he is wrong — so we can limit the damage he is doing to our state until the end of his term.

Stan Davis


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