The Aug. 28 article “Politics overshadow solar’s potential in Maine” points out missed opportunities for renewable energy options like solar power in Maine as compared to neighboring states. It’s exciting to see states acting on ways to minimize the use of carbon-based fuels, which pollute and contribute to the growing climate change crisis, as evidenced by rising shorelines, increased drought and storm surge. Ninety-seven percent of climate scientists agree climate change is real. While state efforts are important, we need a workable national policy as well.

The economy is threatened by climate change, as evidenced by reports from CitiGroup and the Risky Business Project, and is a great reason for Congress to act. These reports outline the risks of inaction on climate change to our economy: more severe weather events, billions in property damage, decreased crop yields and large energy demands.

There is a solution being offered. Politicians, business and thought leaders are speaking out about carbon fee and dividend as a market-based solution that both our major parties can get behind. Former Secretary of State George Shultz and former Rep. Bob Englis (both Republicans), as well as Exxon and Unilever have endorsed a steadily rising fee on carbon-based fuels. The dividend returns all net money collected to American families in monthly checks to cover increases in costs of energy.

The fee is a clear message to investors that investing in clean energy is good business. The program is projected to expand the economy by millions of jobs, and increase GDP by $1.375 trillion, according to industry modeling.

Government will act on these plans if we let them know now is the time for carbon fee and dividend. So contact Rep. Bruce Poliquin and demand that he protect our economy and environment.

LuAnne Cori


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