It is disconcerting to see so much trash talk about Hillary Clinton, a remarkable woman who has fought for all of us — men, women and children alike — not only in our wonderful country but around the world.

She has devoted her life to helping people. This includes the Clinton Foundation, which has helped people worldwide. She is a good woman and doesn’t deserve all this slander. People look for things to fault her for. They make mountains out of molehills, trying to direct attention from her experience, knowledge and success.

All of this talk about her being a liar is a lie. A nonpartisan fact-checking site, PolitiFact, reports that Hillary Clinton is as factual in her comments as Barack Obama, Jeb Bush and almost any other public figure who is considered to be honest. In fact, PolitiFact rated her the best of all the 2016 presidential candidates as far as truth-telling. PolitiFact shows that Trump is just the opposite, saying things that mostly don’t stand up to fact checks.

Some people just are jealous of her intelligence, persistence and concern for all of us. This is bullying because she is a strong woman and some just want her to sit down and shut up.

Deborah Doreau


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